Zone de Texte:   ??/??/1397     Menu du banquet donné pour le
                                           roi d'Angleterre Richard II,
                                           peu de temps après son mariage avec
                                           Isabelle de France en 1396

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<<< menu précédent <<<            sommaire             >>> menu suivant >>>

1  -This is the menu of the feast for the king at home with the Lord Spenser; first for the king's table. Boiled wheat in venison, cured tongue, boiled meat, boar's head, fat capons, roasted swans, roasted herons, roasted pheasants, large, open tarts, and two subtleties [usually foods disguised to look like something else, eg. birds covered with their feathers to appear alive]. White meat in a sweet and sour sauce, white pudding, roasted piglets, roasted rabbits, roasted curlews, roasted marsh birds, roasted venison, roasted peacocks, roasted teals, large custard tart, fritters, and one subtlety. Dates in relish, violets, roasted cranes, roasted partridges, roasted peacocks, glazed with gold, roasted quails, roasted plovers, large game birds roasted, roasted rabbits, roasted larks, small meat pieces, apple or cheese fritters, fruit dumplings, quince dumplings, and two subtleties.



2  -This is the menu for the feast for the king at home for his own table. Venison with a dish of boiled wheat, a stewed dish, boars' heads, boiled meat, roasted swan, roasted fat capons, peas, pike, and two subtleties. White pudding, jellied meat or fish, roast pork, roasted cranes, roasted pheasants, roasted herons, roasted peacocks, fish, tarts, meat served in pieces, roasted rabbit, and one subtlety. German broth, spiced pudding of pork, dried fruits and eggs in a sauce of almond milk or wine, roasted venison, roasted small heron, roasted peacocks, roasted perch, roasted pigeons, roasted rabbits, roasted quails, roasted larks, meat in puff pastry, perch, a rice dish, fritters, and two subtleties.

Taken From:
Curye on Inglysch: English Culinary Manuscripts of the Fourteenth Century, edited by Constance B. Hieatt and Sharon Butler Early English Text Society, Oxford University Press, London, 1985. English translation (c) Garay. From MS Cosin V. III. ll (C) p.39


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